Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sooooooo big!

Happy FOUR months, Janers!

Some pertinent info on Baby Jane:

Janie's newest nicknames include:  Smunchita Conchita de la Vega de Clarkson, Princess Head (we're stuck on the "head" thing...), Munchies, Baby-Lou, Muffy, and (much to Caleb's chagrin) ... Chicken!

4-month checkup stats:
  • weight--15.4 lbs.--75% (compared to 12.6 lbs 75% at 2 months)
  • height--25 1/4 in.--90% (compared to 22 3/4 and 73% at 2 months)
  • head circumference--16 1/4 in.--70% (compared to 15 in. and 50% at two months)
nice and fat...just the way we like her!

and now, for your viewing pleasure...

a side by side comparison to see how much
our baby is growing and changing!

2 days old                        4 months old

4 days old                        3 months old

1 month old                        3 1/2 months old

2 days old                        4 months old

1 month old                    4 months old

2 days old                        4 months old

and one last fun-filled comparison to leave you with...

1 day old                           4 months old


                                 ...our little baby's all growed up!