Thursday, July 25, 2013

a child's prayer...

Janie said a prayer without any help from Mom or Dad tonight.  We didn't really encourage it--she just started praying while Caleb and I were still deciding whose turn it was to help her.  It lasted about 5 minutes (she kept adding and repeating), and I was laughing so hard (silently) that the whole bed was shaking.

A few highlights:

"Thank thee for Ash and Daddy." (Uh, I guess I'm just unnecessary in this family)

"Please bless that Jenna can come swimming and not push us."

"Thank thee for our blessins."  (You'd have to hear her pronounce "blessings" to understand why it's a highlight, but it's kind of got a country twang to the 'bless' part)

"Please help us to be nice <pause>, smunchie <pause>, and good." (This is about when the bed started to shake from my laughter)

She is just so funny!