Saturday, November 17, 2012


Two is a much better age for celebrating a birthday than one.  This year, she actually got the whole birthday thing.

We invited Papa and Nana over for dinner and cake (aka rice crispy treats), and Anson and Kieren dropped in to celebrate with us and give J a cute matchy-matchy nightgown.  She loved all the attention and toys.  

Happy birthday to our beautiful girl--we love having you in our family!

Jane's 2-year stats:

weight:  26 lbs. (41%)
height:  24.5 in. (71%)
head circumference:  19 in. (70%)

Nicknames include:  Jaygee, Janey-Lane, Janaygee Zampagey, Zampajito, J-Chicken, and J

Thursday, November 1, 2012

our goofy girl...

Janey is such a funny girl!  She has a strong personality and a great sense of humor.  She loves to stack and organize random things (although this doesn't carry over to her toys, unfortunately).  She also loves to put on multiple layers of clothes.  I've taken several pictures over the months and made mental notes, but it is time to dedicate a post to her silliness.

She is obsessed with Asher.  She just can't seem to leave him be.  She can be super loving (aka: mauling) and is just so curious to learn all about him.  She loves to sit, stand, and jump on him (which does NOT make Mom and Dad happy) and is dying to see what his eye feels like.  She also thinks he should have a taste of everything (food or non-food).   She also loves to pluck at his little hairs and see if she can pull them out.  If he's in his crib, she wants to be there, too.  One of our favorite things is the Asher-car-dialogue.  It happens when we're in the car (duh!).  It's most entertaining when Caleb and I are both in the car because then she is usually interrupting us with her Asher-dialogue.  It goes something like this:

(Imagine that Caleb and I are discussing some important and inspiring topic as we drive along)
Jane:  MOM!!!  MOMMMY!  MOM!  MOMMMA!!!
Me:  What?
Jane:  (long pause, then in a subdued tone) Ashah.
Me:  OK, thanks.

Then repeat.  A lot.  About 10 times per minute.

If it didn't crack us up so much, it would be really annoying.

Jane is talking a lot.  She says most of her words well enough, but there are a few that are still completely her own language.  For example, die-lim means "vitamin", loli  is "little", key-at for "kitty cat", Baby Cooker is "Baby Cooper", cute-cummer for "cucumber", and noli bar is "granola bar".

Also, Jane's hair is finally long enough to put up in little "ponies", as we call them.  We often get a good laugh at her crazy hair once we take the ponies out.

Is it wrong that I think this is so funny?  And is it wrong that I let her diaper get so wet that this happened?

Jane is starting to potty train herself.  I finally bought her some unders, and as soon as she found the package, she had to try them all on.

From these pictures, I guess I let her run around undressed a lot.  And I'm pretty sure that this last picture will be super embarrassing to her at some point.