Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a conversation...

Becca:  Please don't boss Momma.
Jane:  Why?
B:  Because I'm the momma.  When you are a momma, then you can boss people.
J:  I'm a big girl.
B:  Yes, you are a big girl, but you're not a momma yet.  Is Asher a big girl?
J:  No!  Is Asher a baby?
B:  Yes.
J:  Is Momma a Becca?
B:  Yes.
J:  Is Daddy a Caleb?
B:  Yes.
J:  Is Janie a chicken?
B:  Yes!

Monday, April 22, 2013

a little diy...

Sometimes good things just happen.  Like when Caleb and I had decided we wanted to try and find a second-hand playset for our yard and then out of the blue a lady in our ward asked us if we might be interested in a playset her neighbor was trying to get rid of.
Yes, please!

Although it was old and dingy-looking, it had good bones.  Besides, you can't beat free.  With a bottle of wood cleaner, two cans of stain, and a new swing, we think it turned out great.  Caleb has plans to expand (he's always trying to make things bigger and better), but for now Jane loves it.




the big 4-0...

It just sounds old, doesn't it?  But I guess that's what happens when you keep having birthdays.

This particular birthday was a big success complete with a bacon-themed surprise birthday party that included a round of Jeopardy (with categories:  Caleb, Clarkson, hiking, cows, and bacon) and a lot of great people.




Happy birthday, Caleb!
We're so glad you were born!


All I'm going to say is that holidays are so much more fun when your kids are old enough to participate.