Saturday, February 26, 2011

hey Mikey, she likes it...

Janie didn't like baths much at first.  But, as a bath-lover myself, I finally have her converted.  She just discovered the phenomenon of splashing.  

We think it's really cute.  But then we're the parents.  You can decide for yourselves.

(and if you ignore the blue tub and water sounds, it almost looks like she's running the 100 yard dash!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

she makes me smile...

Here are a few recent pictures of Jane.  She is so adorable.  And sweet.  And fun.  And such a good sleeper--she slept from 9:30 p.m. until 6:30 a.m.!
Yay, Janers!!!

This little outfit was so cute, I wanted to snap some pictures.
Instead of focusing on the outfit, though, check out her different faces!  

and this one's my favorite!

Can you guess what's happening here?

Jane wants to be just like her cousin, Olivia.
She just needs more hair.

"Oh, Dad!"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Jane's blessing...

We were able to bless our sweet little girl on
January 2, 2011

My parents (Grandma Suz and Grandpa Jer) made the long trip down from Utah.  We also had nearly all of the Clarkson families, the Willardsons, and many of our close friends come show their love and support.  It was especially nice to have Ketsy, Broc, Rune, and Dagny here from Washington.  Keven and Lois, our family friends from Tucson, made their first bus trip to Mesa for the occasion.  It was so great to have so many friends and family share this day with us!

Jane's great-grandma, Mimi, crocheted this beautiful sweater for her. 
Thanks, Mimi!

Janey showed off her spunky personality and cried through the blessing and then again when we tried to take pictures.  I have a feeling that this means she's got a lot of personality, which, in my opinion, is always a good thing!

She's so beautiful and we love our little girl so much!
(even if she doesn't want to pose nicely for the camera...)

We appreciate everyone who came
for making it such a special day!