Wednesday, June 15, 2011

another photo shoot...

Beautiful Baby Jane!

My friend, Amanda, was so kind to watch Jane one day while I went to work.
Not only did she take on the baby-sitting job last minute, 
she also did a photo shoot while she was watching her.  

Way to multi-task!

It's all about the outfits and accessories 
which Amanda has on hand-- 
even though she doesn't have any girls!
The pictures turned out so adorable, don't you think?

Monday, June 13, 2011

splish splash...

I took Janie swimming for the first time.  I was worried that if the water was too cold and she had a bad experience, it would scar her for life.  I need not have worried.  She loved it!  She especially enjoyed the eating part.  "Eating?" you might say.  Yes, eating.  She's a baby, she eats everything.  Including her floatie, the salty water, and her cousins' faces.

Our swim pals--



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

delightful Jane...

Jane will be 7 months in a few days, and, at the risk of adding 20 years to my age, I have to say she is truly delightful!  She is extremely alert and almost always happy.  She is also very social and smiles for everyone.  

A few of her newest tricks include almost crawling--rocking back and forth on her hands and knees and scooting all over the place, twisting her tongue, eating paper, and a foot-fetish.

I always check on her once she falls asleep.  Now you see why!

Not a huge fan of carrots...

Josie and Jane.  BFFs forever!

Deep thoughts.

This is her "Caleb-face".

I love this picture for so many reasons!  

First, her fat, fat, fat forearms.  Doesn't she look like a little bull-dog?  

Second, her fatty-fat thighs.  
Third, her tongue twisting trick and little toothy grin.
And fourth, her bright smiling eyes.

Zoom in...

Jane's new chew toy (don't worry--it's never been worn).

She was asleep...until I took the picture.