Sunday, March 31, 2013

wedded bliss...

We were sealed by my dad at 8:00 a.m. in the Salt Lake Temple on October 9th, 2009.  They expect the bride and groom to arrive early, and as my parents' home is an hour and fifteen minutes from the temple, we planned to leave around 5:30 a.m.  That meant I had to get up early.  Picture me, all alone at 4:00 in the morning curling my hair for my wedding in the guest bathroom of my parents' home.  It's strange, but that is one of the more distinct memories I have of that day.  Certain other things I can't recall in the least--like the drive to Salt Lake, changing into my wedding dress, or faces from the sealing room.  Somehow the memories from our wedding ended up as bits and pieces of moments--meeting up with my dad in the hall outside of the sealing room; the occasional jackhammering going on somewhere outside the temple; my cousin, Tina, grinning hugely at me as I walked into the sealing room; not knowing where to look during the ceremony.

After the sealing, we did the customary photo shoot around the grounds and eventually met up at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for a lovely wedding luncheon.  After it was over, I remember getting into the back of my new mother-in-law's truck with Caleb and my wedding dress for the ride back to Mapleton.  Again, it was such an enormous event that it felt surreal to afterwards simply climb into the cramped back seat of a truck with his parents.  With such an early sealing, we had a lot of time to kill, so I decided last minute to have my hair done.  When I got back, everyone had settled in for a nap.  My eyes were burning and I was exhausted, but I didn't dare lay down for fear of ruining my hair.  Instead I primly sat on the couch in a slightly forward-leaning position on trying to keep the back of my head from touching anything.  It was a very tiresome several hours!

I was relieved when we finally decided to start to get set up for the reception.  Some friends of my parents, the Croshaws, had offered their "lodge" for the reception.  It was a beautiful outbuilding on their property set up for such events.  We set up, and I went home to get changed into my dress.

Despite the lack of time for planning (our engagement was only 5 weeks long!), most everything turned out beautifully.  Most everything.  And the most important things did, for certain.  So maybe I didn't plan for such things as how to break away from the receiving line or when to cut the cake, but the food was delicious and the love and support overflowing.  I felt a little guilty, but I clearly remember not wanting to leave the party, as I was having such a great time seeing so many dear friends and family.  However, around 9:00 p.m. (half hour past the designated end time), I realized people might start to wonder if we didn't appear eager to break away.  All at once, I realized one more thing I'd overlooked--the sendoff.  I didn't feel right just leaving, but I hadn't planned anything special.  Not sure what to do, I announced to the friends at the table we were visiting that we needed to leave and would they please start clapping.  They complied, and the rest of the guests joined in while we made our way out.  We then drove to the Hines Mansion in Provo for our wedding night, where I received calls and texts from my siblings (most likely instigated by my prankster of a sister, Natalie), asking us if we wanted to go to a movie or play games or just get together and visit.

The next morning, we woke up bright and early to catch a flight to LA.  The best part?  My parents had to come pick us up at the hotel and drive us there.  I felt like an 8th grader getting into the back of my mom's car with my tween crush for a trip to the mall!  Once in LA, we boarded our cruise ship and began our honeymoon on a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise, stopping at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta, where we ate a lot, slept a lot, and lounged a lot.  One of the highlights, however, was the day at sea we spent watching the thrilling saga of the "Balloon Boy" unfold (enter sarcasm here).  At the end of the cruise, we flew home to Phoenix.  And from there...back to reality (besides one more brief stint of being the center of attention at our open house in Mesa).

Now for the pictures.  And I know there are a LOT, but I suppose if there is one time in your life to go for picture overkill, it's your wedding day.  Besides, photographers aren't cheap, so I may as well get my money's worth, right?

bridal shots at the Mesa Arts Center

Salt Lake Temple

wedding luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building 

reception at the Croshaw's Lodge

If anyone actually makes it to this point, I just wanted to give credit to the photographers:  Steve Cox (temple pictures), Angie Milne (bridal shots), and Angie Wilson (candid temple shots and reception).  Thank you!