Saturday, August 27, 2011

messy maters...

My dad and I were (unsuccessfully) trying to fix the speaker system located in the pantry, while Jane busied herself playing with a bucket of goods from the garden.  When I looked up from my efforts, I found she had started eating a tomato.  I put her in the high chair to let her finish what she'd started.

I'm not sure if she actually liked the tomato or if she just liked eating it...

This second video is more of the same, so you probably don't want to watch it.  I included it because these were recorded on my parents' video camera and I wanted to have access to them both.

By the time she was done, she went straight into the tub.  I hope my parents appreciate the rust-colored hues that were added to their dining room rug in the process...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mapleton makes me happy...

Since we've been in Show Low for the past six weeks, I've definitely had time to post to this blog.  What I haven't had are motivation and dependable internet access.  The "cabin" we are staying in is nice enough, but somehow I feel trapped, isolated, and slightly depressed there.  Maybe this is because it's just one room with one small window.  Maybe.

Well, for the past two weeks, Jane and I have been staying in beautiful Mapleton with my parents.  I love it here!

So, in honor of my recent happy feelings, here are a few pictures (from my mom's camera, mind you, since Caleb carried mine off to go scale some really tall mountains.)

messy meals

curious looks

new hobbies
(this picture deserves a closer look)

sweet expressions

ready to walk

My mom has pictures on her camera from two years ago.  It's quite entertaining to go through her camera's memory card!  Here's a gem I found while loading her 1,500+ pictures:

Jane in January.  So teeny!


Jane is such a nut.  She is now about 9 1/2 months old, and is starting to walk!  I haven't been encouraging her because I know that Caleb will be crushed if she walks while we're away.  But this girl is determined.  She'll pull herself to standing constantly, and then she gets this look on her face of utter concentration.  Then she pushes off and takes a step or two before losing her balance and face-planting.  It's amazing that she can even balance on her tiny, size 2 feet!

Also, this fat little baby is turning out not-as-fat-as-we-hoped.  She weighed in at 17.1 lbs at her four month appointment, 17.6 lbs at six months, and was still under 18 lbs at nine months!  I do feed her, but she is so busy that she rarely has time to worry about eating (wish that would happen to me!).

She also has several tricks she can (but not necessarily will) do on command:  growling, coughing, raspberrying, squeaking (by sucking in air), kissing, and giving five.