Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Our little chunk muffin is 5 months old!

We love our little Pashy Pie.  His chubby little self is just so enjoyable--to touch, to hold, to pinch, and to simply feast your eyes upon.  A few weeks ago I was holding Asher, when a lady I know drove up.  As she saw him, she exclaimed, "He is just scrumptious!"

I couldn't agree more.  I could spend hours gently pinching his soft skin between my fingers and stroking his enormous thighs.  And he is so easily pacified.  Usually a big smile and a little baby talk is all it takes to get him to stop crying.  His smile is so wide, it looks as if he's trying to catch flies with his mouth!  And he is as sweet as he is big!  He currently wears 12-18 month clothes, although I put him in a 24 month onesie yesterday and it fit quite well.  I have actually been having troubles with my back from hefting him around, but he's worth it.

He just started sitting on his own a few days before his 5 month mark.   What started out as a slump using his chubby belly and thighs kind of like a kick-stand turned into real sitting after a few days.  He loves to squeal and laugh, and his laugh is almost always accompanied by a funny intake of breath that squeals.  He's also very alert--he loves to watch everyone and everything around him.

Our current nicknames include:

Pash (and all variations imaginable:  Pasher, Pasher Pie, Pash-Pash, Pashalina Brashalina, etc.)
Ashauntay Pashauntay
Asher Bo Basher
Der Bubbin Snubbin

Behold the scrumptious-ness for yourselves:

pumpkins and meerkats...

I tried to be a little more festive this year.  I bought pumpkins at the farmers market, but could never find time for us to decorate as a family.  So we invited a few cousins over.  Despite a little paint ingestion and a tumble off the chair, I think it was a hit!

And costumes were a breeze--store-bought last year from the after-Halloween clearance.  Our little "kollar bier" and baby meerkat:

Ash loved his costume.  It seemed to lull him into a dormant state.  I'm not sure if it was because it was multiple layers of warmth, or if it was the super soft, silky lining.  Either way, he seemed to love it.   I'd consider using it for jammies, except that he's already almost outgrown it (despite its 12 month size).

Caleb and I were invited to a couple's Halloween Prom.  He borrowed fireman gear from a friend, and I burned a pair of pajamas I had in the DI box and ratted my hair.  By far the easiest costume I've ever conjured up!

We also took Jane trick-or-treating.  She is officially a candy addict, just like her momma.


Happy Halloween!