Wednesday, July 9, 2014

remodel 4...

Once the second story was framed in, we needed two things before it rained, lathing (the step preceding stucco) and a roof.  We decided to spend the extra money and re-do the entire roof rather than match the tacky, cheap-looking white 3-tab shingles.  It looks so fantastic!

 Lathing (I bet you just learned a new word, didn't you!)

Truly, one of the uglier features of the house:

So much classier!

We also then were able to focus more on the interior:  taking down the wall between the kitchen and family room and framing in the upstairs.  We'd wanted to remove that wall ever since we first saw this house!  It was so satisfying to open it up.

Before the wall came down:

My helpers:

Finally opened up!

And the upstairs gets some bones:

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