Friday, September 5, 2014

baby talk...

Asher has such adorable adaptations of words.  I've been wanting to video him talking, but he mostly freezes up or fights me for the video camera.  So I'm taking a little time today to write them down here before he learns to say them the right way and I forget all about mungas and dine-choes.

movie:  munga (he has actually learned to say it now as "moo-ey" which is what pushed me to finally write this post)
yogurt:  jogurk
dinosaurs:  dine-choes
thank you:  dee coe
more:  meer
another:  a-wah
cracker:  tat-chi
hyena:  hye nina
tiger:  tigee
lion:  wyant
The Croods:  tudes
Wild Kratts:  why tats

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